Should I Buy a Hybrid or Electric Vehicle?

by | Aug 27, 2020 | Auto Questions, Buying/Selling, Hybrid/Electric Cars

Charging an electric car

To buy or not to buy a hybrid or electric car? This is the question top of mind with most new car shoppers today. The answer depends on your driving habits. Even though the driving ranges of hybrid-electrics have improved over the last few years, the following basic rules still apply:

  1. If you’re putting more local miles on your car, the move to hybrid-electric is a win-win and will save you money.
  2. If you’re logging in a lot of highway and long distance driving, a gas vehicle may continue to be the better choice for you.

First let’s review the three major types of vehicles:

  1. Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicle: It runs solely on gasoline. Higher gas prices dramatically drive up the cost of operating these cars.
  2. Hybrid-Electric: It runs on electricity with gasoline as a backup. If you keep the car battery charged, you can save a lot of money.
  3. All Electric Vehicles: Run only on electricity so they need to be kept charged. The potential savings are incredible, along with the positive environmental impact. BA Auto Care uses an all-electric car for our customer shuttle service, and BA Auto’s owner drives one as his personal vehicle.

Here at BA Auto Care, we are experts in all types of vehicles, including the latest hybrid and electric cars. Our technicians are trained and certified on these cars and can keep them running smoothly. Best of all, we are here to answer any questions you have (before or after you make your hybrid-electric purchase).

In fact, we received our training from Craig Van Batenburg, considered by most in the auto industry as the expert in hybrid-electric vehicles. Based in New England, Craig has trained auto mechanics all over the world. He even has a hybrid tech support hotline and a certification process for auto shops.

Finally, hybrid and electric vehicle prices continue to come down. For electric vehicle purchases, there are government incentives you can access to bring the cost down further. Charging stations are beginning to pop up around the country, making ownership even more convenient.

More importantly, the bottom line is the positive environmental impact of moving to hybrid-electric. Making this move is essential to securing a safe and sustainable future for our children and grandchildren. If you’re considering making a move away from your gas vehicle and have questions or concerns, please call or email me.


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