Environmental Impact

Clean, Environmentally Friendly Auto Repair

When most customers take in their vehicle for servicing, they don’t think of auto repair shops as environmentally friendly. Yes, they expect auto shops to recycle batteries, tires, and oil. But beyond these few (but still critical) items, car dealers and auto repair companies are not known as the poster children for protecting our planet.

However, for over 40 years, BA Auto Care has worked tirelessly to reduce its carbon footprint, proving that auto repair companies can also be stewards of the environment. Every day, we work at turning the dirty side of our business into a case study for keeping a clean, environmentally friendly workplace.

How We are Reducing Our Impact On The Environment:

Energy Usage

  • Every watt of energy used in our facility comes from the 185 solar panels on the roof of our building.
  • Over 60% of the lighting in our workshop is provided through solar light tubes. In addition to environmental savings, this “natural” light is beneficial to the health of our employees.
  • Light levels in our building are controlled to ensure a constant light level from the LED lighting. This saves energy by turning off light tubes as the sun rises.
  • To cut down on energy use and to improve the quality of life, we have operated a 4-day work week for employees with long commutes.

Waste Reduction

  • We have reduced our used oil pick up by installing a clean burn waste oil heater. Since installing the heater, we reduced the amount of natural gas used to heat our building by 50%.
  • We switched 95% of our chemicals used to environmentally friendly products such as Simple Green.
  • We reduced the number of single use items such as disposable paper floor mats & plastic covers.

Working with the Community

  • Our courtesy shuttle used by our customers is an electric vehicle, and it’s used power from the solar panel to transport our customers to and from work and home for over 2 years (45,000 miles).
  • We support community organizations with environmentally friendly projects, “Girls on the Run” showing them how to reuse coffee cups as seed planters. The Community Ecology Institute In Renovating a greenhouse nursery tunnel.