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Maintaining Your Tires can Save Money on Replacing your Tires Later On

“Check My Service Records and Advise” is one of the most common statements customers check on our online appointment forms. When you purchase your tires here and commit to having your car serviced regularly at BA Auto Care, we’ll make sure your car and your tires are well maintained.

Most people don’t realize that proper tire care is one of the most neglected vehicle services. Tire rotation & balancing is the best preventative maintenance for preventing uneven wear & tear on your tires as well as fixing potential wheel imbalances early to save you money on future repairs.

While preventative maintenance can extend the lifespan of your tires, sometimes the tires need to be patched when possible or replaced if the damage compromises the tire’s integrity. A technician at BA Auto Care will make sure your tires are well maintained, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time and money on replacing them pre-maturely.

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Stop Searching for the Right Tires for Your Car

Ever done an internet search for tires? Ever called around to see which shop carried the tires you need in stock? Ever got to a shop, and found out they didn’t have the ones you needed, even after that phone call? Several years ago, we didn’t sell tires because we thought we couldn’t beat the mass merchandiser on price.

However, customers kept asking us to provide tires, so we stepped in because we wanted to offer our customers a better way to shop and care for their tires. And more importantly, to give them a higher quality experience – throughout the life of their car.

Tire Repairs, Rotation, Balancing, and Alignments


We do tire repairs only if the tire puncture is in a place that can be safely repaired. If a puncture is too severe to be repaired safely and effectively, a replacement will be needed.


Tire rotation and wheel balancing are often performed together to even out the wear & tear on each tire as well as extend the lifespan of your tires.


We check for signs of a wheel alignment problem each time you come in for a preventive maintenance service.

Download our E-Booklet for more information on buying the right tires from the right shop.

Our E-booklet will put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to tire shopping. This booklet covers the following types of retailers:

  • Tire Specialty Chains
  • Mass Merchants & Big Box Chains
  • Online Automobile Tire Sites
  • Gas Stations
  • Full Service Auto Repair Shops

Frequent Questions & Concerns


  • Can all punctures be repaired?

    No, some punctures are too severe to repair safely or effectively. Typically, only small and punctures that are not on the sidewall are repairable.

  • Should I buy all-season or specific-season tires?

    This depends on your driving habits & climate. All-season tires perform well year-round, while season specific tires like summer or winter tires excel in snowy or hot weather.

  • When should I get a Wheel Alignment/Balancing?

    Balancing is standard after a tire rotation, new tires or issues while driving. A wheel alignment is recommended if you have uneven tire wear, hit curbs/potholes, or if the car pulls to the side while driving straight.

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