Celebrating 45 Years of Looking Out For Your and Your Car

On July 3, 2023, BA Auto Care, Columbia Maryland’s award-winning independent auto repair shop, celebrated 45 years of keeping customer vehicles on the road and in top operating condition.

“I first started using Brian England for care repairs when he was using his home driveway to change oil. When British American Auto opened, I immediately made an appointment and have been there ever since. BA provides reliable, efficient, and fairly priced work. They’re happy to help prioritize repairs for safety and budget concerns. In short, they are everything I want in auto service. I intend to use them for the next forty-five years.”

S. Brent Morris, Satisfied Customer for 45+ Years

Founded in 1978 as British American Auto Care, the company changed its name in 2017 to BA Auto Care to emphasize its ability to work on all makes and models of cars, foreign and domestic.

Brian Kurt in 1978

It’s more than repair, it’s “CARE”

The part of their name that always remained the same is the word “Care.” According to founder Brian England, “We choose to say auto care instead of auto repair in our name to reflect the importance we place on preventive maintenance.”

Four decades ago, when many car repair shops were focused on repairing customer’s cars when they broke down, BA Auto took a more innovative approach, pioneering a scheduled maintenance program to keep customer cars in good running condition throughout the year, avoiding costly repairs down the road.

The company slogan line, Looking Out For You and Your Car, speaks to this emphasis on preventative maintenance and customer service.

Customized Maintenance Plans for You

However, a good preventative maintenance plan isn’t something BA Auto Care techs don’t just pull off the shelf. The individual customer’s driving habits drive the actual details of the plan. Each maintenance plan is customized to the individual driver and their vehicle.

Technicians are all ASE certified, and they also receive specialized training on the newest hybrid and electric vehicles.

The Best Auto Repair Shop in Howard County

After over 25 years winning the award for best auto repair shop in Howard County Maryland and over 700 5-Star reviews, customer testimonials are numerous and exceptional. As expected, some are quite memorable, including a customer with over 400,000 miles (and still counting) on his car and another customer who drives all the way from his new home in Pennsylvania for regular maintenance on his car.

With drivers keeping their cars longer and longer, the importance of independent car repair shops like BA Auto Care has grown dramatically in the post-COVID era of rising new and used car prices.