Staying Sligned, Flushing Your Power Steering and Keeping Your Engine Clean

by | Jun 24, 2019 | Preventative Maintenance

At BA Auto Care, our techs keep your car on the road and running smoothly by following a preventative maintenance program custom designed to the unique needs of your car. Keeping your vehicle aligned properly, flushing your power steering, and flushing and cleaning your engine are essential to maintaining the health of your vehicle. Here is what we do to keep these systems in top form:

Four Wheel Alignment

  • We road test vehicle, looking for tire wear, steering pull, vibration through steering and/or the whole car, or specific items that the customer is experiencing.
  • Check front and rear end for wear, check steering and suspension for any problems that could affect the aligning of the vehicle.
  • Before moving vehicle to alignment bay, we check that all the adjusters are free.
  • Set up on alignment machine and print results.
  • Adjust alignment and print results.
  • If there are specifications that can’t be adjusted, we report to control after printing the first results.
  • Recommend further checks, steering axis inclination (SAI) and included angle. If these are ok, we recommend shim or adjustment kit.

Labor times can vary from vehicle to vehicle. In some cases, it can take several hours to align a vehicle.

Flush Power Steering

BA Auto Care techs remove old fluid from the reservoir, install power steering flusher add cleaner and run the engine. Then we flush out all the old fluid and add the new fluid. This service is strictly for preventive care and cannot be used to repair another problem.

Engine clean and flush

We add engine cleaner and run until engine is hot. Then we drain and change the oil and filter, followed by the addition of a MOA engine oil additive. This approach can be used on engines that have not had regular oil changes or on low mileage vehicles with suspected compression ring issues. However, we always warn customers that not changing the engine oil to the extent that there is a build-up of sludge or a compression issues can cause damage to other engine components.


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