My SRS (Air Bag) Warning Light, is On!

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SRS stands for supplemental restraint system, but the more common lingo for the SRS warning light is the Air Bag System Warning Light. This light typically comes on for a few seconds when you start your car, but if it stays on, it signals that there is a problem.

SRS warning system problems can be very complex to diagnose; this is especially true when the problem is intermittent! Such was the case recently when a customer brought in a Mercedes for diagnosis.

After scanning the computer and checking the historical data related to the various stored codes, the technician was puzzled! The variety of codes and data didn’t make sense.

Frustrated that there was not a logical dialogistic pathway to follow, he decided to go back to basics!

The auto tech started by checking out the battery. This is where the problem started and ended! The battery was fully charged, but it failed the battery “deep scan” test. Based on this test failure, he decided to check the date of manufacture.  The battery was ten years old!

We installed a new battery that was specified for this particular vehicle. The old codes were then deleted, and everything turned out great. Now the customer’s car is safe and reliable!

Sometimes it is all about going back to basics!

If your SRS warning light should come on, it’s very important to take it into a reliable auto mechanic to have it checked out.  This is because if your car is in an accident, and the warning light was on, many insurance companies won’t cover any medical expenses resulting from the accident.  They will be able to tell that the light was on because the SRS system records several pieces of information like which seat belts were in use, the speed of the car, whether the system was disabled, and more.

Is your SRS warning light on? If you live in the Columbia, MD area, make an appointment; we’ll check it out for you.


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