Knowing a Few Tire Repair Basics Can Help Keep You Safe

by | Sep 17, 2013 | Car Problems & Repairs, Preventative Maintenance

Not long ago, we did a blog article on tire repairs.  It basically highlighted some key things you should know in order to ensure that if you had to have a tire repaired, you would know what to look for.

Just the other day, a customer came in to get a repair, and we noticed an issue with a tire that had been repaired. Here are a few photos of that tire repair. When our service adviser, Zane, passed on the photos to me his comment was “Very dangerous”.

On the positive side, the customer knew the tire should be replaced.  On the negative side, the car should not be driven with that type of repair.  It is simply unsafe. Repairs should not be made in the sidewall of the tire.  This photo shows the “safe repair zone”.

tire puncture repair areaOne of the reasons that we write this blog is to prevent you from getting into situations like this.  It’s important to us that drivers not only keep their cars in good condition, but also know a few preventive maintenance and auto repair basics.  It can not only prolong the life of the vehicle, it can also help to keep everyone safe.

So, check out our blog regularly.  That way we can help you to avoid dangerous situations like this one!


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