6 Reasons to Pick Better World Auto Club Over AAA

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When it comes to choosing an auto club, not all clubs are created equal.  If your auto club membership has come up for renewal, and you are wondering if you should just renew with AAA, we have a better option for you, Better World Auto Club (BWC).  Here’s some background…

British American Auto Care was a AAA certified repair facility for over 20 years. We had one of the highest ratings for automotive repairs and services. Then, a few years ago, things started to change. AAA wanted more control. For example, they wanted us to be responsible for the towing companies that towed cars to our property.  Then, to add insult to injury, they started to open their own AAA Car Care Centers in direct competition with the AAA certified repair facilities.

Our customers who had AAA were also starting to be unhappy with their service.  When a customer called for a jump start, many were sold a battery, whether they needed one or not. AAA also tried to have their cars towed to specific facilities.

Things got so bad that it began to be reflected in their online ratings.  This company, often quoted in the news media as an independent voice for the consumer, was really acting badly. On the Consumer Affairs website, with over 300 complaints & reviews, AAA has a one star rating! 

So we started to look at other auto clubs to recommend to our customers and we found Better World Auto Club.

Here are six great reasons to join Better World Auto Club

  1. BWC provides nationwide 24-hour emergency roadside assistance including towing, lockout and flat tire assistance, jumpstarts, fluid delivery, and winching.
  2. BWC is the only environmentally friendly alternative to AAA. BWC supports sound policies like public funding for mass transit and the broad enforcement of the Clean Air Act and CleanWater Act.
  3. 1% of all BWC revenues go towards environmental cleanup and advocacy.
  4. BWC donates $1.00 to environmental causes for every online booking made through their web site and offers members free carbon offsets (to help fight global warming) when they make their airline reservations through Better World Club.
  5. BWC’s membership options include travel discounts, free maps and trip routing services, and insurance.
  6. BWC offers road service service for your bicycle 24/7!

To join Better World Club visit their website at www.betterworldclub.com  or call 1.866.238.1137 between 8:30am – 5:30pm PST.  Be sure to use the British American Auto special code:  BR AM1230 to obtain your membership discount.

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