Sales are Soaring, but is the VW Service & Repair Record Still Poor?

by | Sep 24, 2012 | Industry-Wide Topics

I have heard people say they would not buy a Volkswagen because they have a poor service record, but in fact Volkswagen has come a long way. Maybe so, you might say….but just how far have they come?  Should you think about buying a Volkswagon?

It seemed only a few years ago that people were turning away from Volkswagons.  They had a poor rating for reliability and their styling was not that inspiring. Now VW’s are very popular. In fact, Volkswagen recorded their best U.S. August sales performance since 1973 when the VW Beetle was all the rage.  VW sales were up over 60% in August as compared to Hundai whose sales were only up 4%, so VW sales clearly aren’t just trending with the market.

The bottom line is the new Volkswagen models look good.  They are sporty and much more reliable.

From a service and repair point of view, VW’s can require a little more maintenance and repair, but this is the case with most cars from Europe. Here at BA Auto Care, we find that we have great support from the VW parts supply network in the Howard County and Columbia, MD area. The automotive software company that supplies us with the software to work on the more complex automotive computer systems is fantastic. This type of automotive support makes the service and repair process smoother and more efficient.

On top of this our qualified automotive technicians enjoy working on Volkswagens. Our auto mechanics are familiar with the whole range of vehicles that VW sells from their economy entry, the Jetta to the less well known premium SUV hybrid,  the Touareg supercharged hybrid, first introduced in 2011. They sell 12 different models including some that have diesel engines. Their TDI clean diesel vehicles get 20 to 30% better gas mileage than non-diesel vehicles, and TDI sedan models get over 40 mpg!

We have started to see many more TDI VW’s. They are really catching on. This October, be sure to check out the arrival of VW’s turbo hybrid Jetta.

If you are in the market for a fun car give Volkswagen a test drive.

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