Our Top 5 Blog Posts – From State Inspections to Windshield Wipers

by | Jun 26, 2012 | Auto Tips, Preventative Maintenance

May of this year marked our second year of creating blogs on auto repairs and services.  We’ve covered a lot of topics, but 96 blogs later, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight the top five blog posts of all time in  one article.  The blogs are rated based on the number of views since May 14th, 2010.   And the winners are…..

  1. Navigating Through the Maryland State Inspection System – With almost twice as many page views as the #2 blog post, it seems a lot of people are searching for information about Maryland Vehicle Safety Inspections.  If you need to know if and when you need to get a Maryland safety inspection as well as all the safety systems that we check out, this article gives you the basics.  Due to all the interest, we also compiled a video and brochure to help people “navigate through the system”.
  2. A Few Things You Should Know About Maryland VEIP and Emission Repairs – In addition to people seeking information about safety inspections, readers were also looking for information about emissions inspections and repairs.  These are different from safety inspections, and this blog article gives you the 411 on what systems are checked and what to do if you should need emissions repairs.
  3. Using Auto Diagnostic Check Sheets to Speed Your Auto Repair – We’re guessing that this is the third most popular article because a lot of our readers are trying to get some idea of exactly what’s wrong with their vehicle.  This blog article includes links to all of our six diagnostic sheets. With all the interest in the blog post, we also wrote an article with a little additional information.
  4. Is Your Auto Air Conditioning System Ready for Summer? – We’ve already had quite a few hot days this summer, and  I don’t know about you, but I sure am glad my air conditioning is working!  This blog article details some of the systems we check out when diagnosing problems with a car’s air conditioning system.
  5. Windshield Wipers Smearing? Try This Before You Replace Wiper Blades – I wonder if there are any experienced drivers that haven’t experienced a problem with their windshield wipers smearing.  Many people automatically think that new wiper blades are needed, but sometimes a simple cleaning does the trick!


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