A Glimpse into the Good Old Days of Easy “Jaguar Repairs”

by | May 1, 2012 | Car Problems & Repairs, Industry-Wide Topics

This winter a long time customer dropped by and asked if I would work on his 1962 E-Type Jaguar. Normally we do not work on these classic Jaguars because the new generation of Jaguar technicians are experienced in the complex systems of the new class of Jaguars rather than the older cars that have been around for more than forty years.

This customers’ 1962 Jaguar had been in storage for over five years, and so it was going to take a lot of work to bring it back to life. I went to work evaluating the car, and soon I had a list of items that needed work ranging from a new gas tank and fuel pump to a complex clutch repair.

One of our auto mechanics that works on the newer Jaguars helped with a couple of the repairs.  He came away from the experience with a new appreciation for Jaguar’s heritage. In recent weeks he has been working on many Jaguars from the 21st century, and he keeps telling me how easy I had it working on the old Jags as compared to the modern Jaguar!

Like so many of the cars manufactured today, every mechanical system has some computer system related to it. With high end cars like Jaguars there are many more systems that require computer skills as well mechanical skills to service and repair. I enjoyed working on the old Jaguar and bringing it back to life just as much as our new technicians enjoy servicing and repairing the new Jaguars. Job satisfaction comes in many ways, but most importantly, it is a key component in getting to our ultimate goal of providing high quality repairs and service to all of our customers!

photo courtesy of Dan Hamster


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