If I Buy a Volkswagen, Will it Cost Me a Lot in VW Service & Repairs?

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Volkswagens (abbreviated VW’s) are affordable European cars that are fun to drive! I think it’s the great performance and handling that makes VW’s so popular.

There was a time when Volkswagen was going through a rough patch, but they have rebounded because the manufacturer has worked hard to make their vehicles more reliable. VW is also designing their cars with the aim of appealing to a younger audience by giving them a sporty look.

If you are thinking of buying a VW you will have quite a range to pick from. If you are looking for economy with performance then check out the 2011 VW Jetta TDI, this is a clean diesel that will give you 40 mpg on the highway. Many of the VW’s come with turbo boosted performance. This makes a small 4-cylinder engine feel like a zippy V6! The downside to turbo boosted vehicles is that the engine oil breaks down sooner than other non-turbo boosted vehicles.  As a result you will need more frequent oil changes if you drive a lot in the turbo boosted mode (foot to the floor).

This brings us to maintenance, VW’s do require more maintenance like most European cars. Additionally, they have performance tires and brakes which may need to be replaced more often.

If you are buying a used VW make sure you have it evaluated.  It should come with a Maryland State Inspection if not ask the repair shop who is performing the used car evaluation to also perform the Maryland State Inspection. As with all cars, if you look after it, you will have many years of safe, reliable use with the bonus of your car being worth more when you sell it.

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