This establishment was awesome. I normally do not take my car to random shops to take care of my sports cars ( hence this is my 3rd one ) . I needed a MD inspection . I checked google and called the AAA center ( very expensive and very delayed and backed up ) . This was not going to work out for me . Then I saw BA Auto Care . Great reviews and everyone seem like they had a good time with service . When I called , the receptionist was very friendly and able to serve me with an appointment around my schedule. When I arrived , I was greeted with a warm welcome ( front desk lady was really nice ) and then the shuttle lady was really nice too ( forgive me as I don’t know these wonderful folks names ). Car was serviced promptly. It failed because previous owner had tint darker than 35% . Even the tech was friendly ! I was able to go to a tint shop and remove the tint and I was able to call BA the same day to get a passing inspection the same day ! You have a sporty car like a BMW or a regular car like a Honda . They will take care of you !!! 10/10 would recommend.