The Truth About Today’s Tire Repair: Why Plugging the Hole is No Longer Enough

by | Sep 28, 2023 | Car Problems & Repairs

Tire repair used to be simple.  You got a hole in your tire.  You drove it into the local repair shop or gas station.  They plugged the hole, and you were back on the road again.

Safe, effective tire repair today has changed dramatically. The emergence of low-profile tires with aluminum wheels and pressure sensors has permanently sidelined plugging as a reliable tire repair option. These new performance tires take more loads and stress than their predecessors. Today’s tire repair process has evolved to take all this into consideration. You can still plug the hole, but it could compromise performance and safety.

Here is today’s process for tire repair:

  • Locate the leak.
  • Remove the tire.
  • Install a patch from the inside.
  • Seal with a safety coat
  • Replace the tire.
  • Balance the tire.

Yes, this is a more complicated and costly repair procedure than plugging, but it could save you the price of a new tire down the road (at $250 and up). Remember, prevention is always better than a simple plugging cure. Also, we always advise to have your tires closely examined every 6 months as part of a preventative maintenance program.



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Brian England, the current president of BA Auto Care (formerly British American Auto Care), got his start with an auto apprenticeship in a small town in northwest of London. He came to the U.S. in 1972 to work for a Land Rover dealer in Rockville, MD. A few years later, he started British American Auto Care with his wife, Jennifer. Brian is a big believe in preventative maintenance, and his philosophy is to encourage and educate drivers on the benefits of a regular maintenance plan.